Petrozavodsk Summer Programming Camp 2017

21 August – 31 August 2017


Sponsored by:

Yandex, general sponsor,
AIM Tech
Botan Investments

Host: Republic of Karelia, Petrozavodsk, st. Lenina, 33.
Contest rooms: 202, 239, 241, 258, 265, 337, 341, 435.
Jury room: 237.
Problem analyses room: 361.
Entry page for ALL Yandex.Contest-based competitions: TBD
You can find the camp statistics at Snarknews
Contest statements: here (use Yandex.Contest credentials).
Problem analyses: here (use Yandex.Contest credentials).
Telegram bot for announcements: @PetrozavodskProgrammingCampBot
Email: camp.acm.petrsu (at) gmail (dot) com

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