Trampolining 4

Trampolining (1 hour). Lenina st 27.
Date: Aug 28, 2017.
Time: 12:15.
Activities only allowed in sports wear (jeans are not a form of sport) does not contain sharp metal elements (buttons, zippers, belts, riveting, buckles, etc.). Jumping on a trampoline is allowed only in socks.
Additional information are available at
Volunteers will meet you in the lobby of the University at 12:15 and carry to the place of the event.
Overlapping events: Bowling 3

You're not going to the event. 

1. Stanislav Naumov (SPb ITMO University)
2. Denis Kim (Belarusian SU)
3. Ivan Lukyanov (Belarusian SU)
4. Kanstantsin Vilcheuski (Belarusian SU)
5. Nikita Grechiha (Belarusian SU)
6. Valentin Vityaz (Belarusian SU)
7. Nikita Penskoy (Volgograd STU)