Escape room 4

Quest name: Harry Potter: mystery of the Sorcerer's Stone.
An escape room is a physical adventure game in which players are locked in a room and have to use elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles and escape within a set time limit.
The best way is to play with a team of 2 to 4 persons, if desired 5 persons are also allowed. The russian language is mandatory. If you don't have russian speaking attendee write to camp.acm.petrsu (at) gmail (dot) com or contact us in jury room, we will try to find the translator to help you in a game.
Address: Dzerzhinskogo st. 6.
Date: Aug 24, 2018.
Time: 16:30.
Volunteers will meet you in the lobby of the University at 16:30 and carry to the place of the event.

You're not going to the event. 

1. Ivan Bochkov (SPb SU)
2. Nikita Gaevoy (SPb SU)
3. Vladislav Makarov (SPb SU)
4. Ibrakhim Ilyassov (Nazarbayev University)